Yearly Archives: 2015

We have had the good fortune to work with 2 extremely rare Aeronca LBs, completing the restoration work started by Mr. Jack Tiffany in the Dayton, Oh. area. The first, N16271, left our shop in June, 2014 and was delivered by truck to appear at the 2014 National Aeronca fly […]

Aeronca LBs

1962 Piper PA 22 – 108 (COLT) Completed 2006 A joint effort between Bedrock Aero, Norman Aviation and Aircraft Owners – Wings & tails Recovered – Fuselage (metal skinned) Stripped & Painted – New Cowlings   Finished in Airtech fabric and paint system

1962 Piper COLT

1930 Great Lakes  Total Restoration Started – Spring 2007  Finished – Summer 2011             We honestly have to love this work to keep doing it A shot of the Great Lakes with a 29 Pontiac that we had in for a new interior..    Yep, We also do […]

Great Lakes

  Sept 2008… A 1946 Aeronca 7-AC “Champ.” It is in for a complete restoration and we will immediately start by disassembling the Champ right down to the bare frame, sandblasting  the fuselage frame,and coating it with epoxy. Then we’ll begin the reassembly process, cleaning, inspecting, painting, (or replacing), and reinstalling every part… […]

1946 Champ