Aeronca LBs

We have had the good fortune to work with 2 extremely rare Aeronca LBs, completing the restoration work started by Mr. Jack Tiffany in the Dayton, Oh. area. The first, N16271, left our shop in June, 2014 and was delivered by truck to appear at the 2014 National Aeronca fly Рin in Middletown, OH. The final details are currently being completed by the owner.

And LB ship #2 is well under way here at Bedrock as well!


The 2 LBs as they left home after 40+ years storage in the rafters


Ship #2 with fabric goin’ on


Covering on the LBs is Ceconite w/ Nitrate and Butyrate dope finish


One of several test fits of the wing to fuselage. Also the first time on it’s own landing gear in a few decades


New windows and windshield along with all new metal parts on the cabin enclosure being fit up.


Wing structures very nicely were built up by Jack Tiffany and the boys at Leading Edge Aircraft, We did the final fit and finish work here at bedrock and applied a final coat of Epoxy varnish.


New aluminum leading edges being installed


Ship # 2s Fuselage painted in it’s original “Loening Yellow” dope finish


Original pre-war style Aeronca logo masked with vinyl and ready to be sprayed and clear coated to simulate the original laquer decals of the era.


And a finished tail logo!


One of the 2 new instrument panels that were finished with woodgrain as spec’ed in the Aeronca drawings…One for each LB!

The 3 piece wing is painted and assembled on a custom fixture. The huge 30 inch registration is same as original per Aeronca LB factory drawings.

A very “beat up” engine ring cowl was straightened, repaired, fit, and painted. Engine cowls often take lots of abuse on these older types because they’re usually attached directly to the engine and subject to tremendous vibration…to say the least!

LB N16262 with the wing center section and cowls installed. wing fairings, landing gear, and landing gear fairings are next. There’s light at the end of the restoration tunnel!!!

On its landing gear!

Done and ready to fly!

 A little video I put together from one of the test flights with advertising text provided by the 1936 Aeronca advertising team!

Co – owner Kate Tiffany and I with the Reserve Grand Champion Antique award at Oshkosh “18”