About Paul


Hi, I’m Paul Workman


I had the good fortune to grow up in a house directly adjacent to a small country airport on the north side of Zanesville, Ohio during the 60s, when general aviation had become an exciting new sport for the average American. As far back as I can remember, my Dad, my brother, and most of the folks we knew were  flying or restoring older airplanes..Piper Cubs, Aeroncas, Taylorcrafts, Funks, as well as a number of homebuilt planes that were coming on the scene in those days. The passion for vintage aircraft that was cultivated in me as a kid still seems to be with me in the 21st century! 

For many years, our family operated an automotive interior and top business in downtown Zanesville. After my Dad’s retirement, my wife Pam and I took over the business.In the early 90s I began to recognize that the newer  construction techniques being used by the auto makers were beginning to render my skills somewhat obsolete. In 1995 we constructed a new facility on Parr Airport, also North of Zanesville. Through the late 90s our business concentrated on single and light twin aircraft interiors while we began to phase out our automotive services. All this time, we continued to be involved with restoring various vintage airplanes of our own, (as time and cash flow permitted),as well as raising our two lovely daughters, Dana and Alane. We eventually began doing restoration work for hire and I realized that this is the work I enjoy the most. That being the case, the majority of our work today involves vintage aircraft restoration. 

 Our approach to both airframe restoration and interior renovations is simple… Safety and Quality are the top priorities! Most of the fleet of light G A airplanes is considered to be “aging”. Far too often, various condition issues are left unattended for years because they’re not easy and cheap to fix, or because it’s not required by an Airworthiness Directive or service bulletin. This is the reason that we rarely find ourselves doing “just” a recover job on a fabric airplane or “just” an interior upholstery job.The effects of age, neglect, and occasionally sloppy work  often turn these into “restoration” jobs. With the modern finishing products available today, nearly anyone can produce a nice shiny paint job, but where your airplane is concerned, it truly is “whats inside that counts”!

  We currently offer restoration work on most fabric covered vintage aircraft including steel tube, wood, and aluminum airframe repair as well as fabric covering, painting, and complete custom or original style interiors.

 I currently hold FAA  A & P Mechanic, Inspection Authorization, and Private Pilot single & multi engine licenses. My wife Pam holds a Private Pilot license. Pam and I enjoy travelling in our own aircraft when we can,   volunteering with a flying Boeing B-17, and being grandparents! Our daughters are both married to fine young men and we are quite proud that all of them live and work in the realm of agriculture.

                                  Paul Workman